Monday, March 19, 2018
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On Saturday March 17th, 427 skiers and snowboarders including the Lanctôt Team, went down the slopes in Bromont, taking part in the 13th edition of the Leucan Ski Challenge presented by Lanctôt. Thanks to this family oriented and festive event, the Leucan Ski Challenge raised a total amount of $584,585 including $183,017 in Bromont to help cancer-stricken children and their family.
“This touches our core values. Helping cancer-stricken children is really important to us. Being able to help them through sport and physical activities is essential and represents who we are” explains Diane Lanctôt, President of Lanctôt Ltd, official presenter of the Leucan Ski Challenge.
After 10 hours of Ski, participants had the chance to experience a great firework and a show from regional spokesperson, King Melrose. “Thank you everybody for your participation and your donations. This enables us to organize more activities and games held in the Leucan playing rooms at the hospital” Explains Catherine Raymond, 8 year old, spokesperson of the event. Catherine is in remission of the Wilms tumour and went skiing along with more than 50 of her supporters!
We would like to thank all participants and Lanctôt’s employees for their commitment and support to the Leucan Ski Challenge.
We are contributing together to help cancer-stricken children and their family going up the slope!