NRG Enterprises Ltd. 

NRG is the Bicycle Division of Lanctot. Based in Nelson, BC and staffed by a group of core cycling enthusiasts and industry veterans. They are passionate about the products they sell and the sport they live and breath. NRG currently distributes Leatt, Benno, Chromag, Ortlieb, Maxxis, Hope, Mavic, Goodyear, HT, CushCore, Classified, Gloworm, Orange Seal, Jones, Fidlock, Galfer, STFU, Rock n Roll, Ryder Innovations, Squire Locks, Sensus, Space Brace and VHS to Canadian retailers. 


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Designed and manufactured in Barcelona, Spain, All Mountain Style offers a complete line of bicycle protection and personalization products. Frame protectors are made from a unique high impact and rub resistant honeycomb, 380micron semi-rigid PVC material. Available in multiple colours and designs, AMS lets you customize and protect what you love—your bike! Easy to install at home or in the shop.
AVS Racing hand protectors for mountain bikes have been developed to protect the levers and hands of branches and other disturbing external elements during your outings.
Starting from scratch again after two decades of designing bikes, Benno Baenzinger created his new lineup of urban bikes focusing on clean and simple yet highly functional designs. His goal is to get more people out of their cars and onto bikes.  Benno bikes are the perfect blend of utility, style, comfort, performance, and price. The wide range of cargo and rack options developed specifically for Benno’s bikes provide unique solutions for most people’s transportation needs.
Chromag began by making the bike frames and parts they wanted to use. Starting with their own personal use and extending to the community in one of the best testing environments in the world: the rugged Coast Mountains of British Columbia. Chromag designs high quality bikes and components with a heightened sense of detail for function, performance, and beauty. Attention to the fine details that make big differences to the ride quality and experience is what sets their products apart from the rest. All Chromag frames and components are built by hand by their skilled manufacturing teams.

Based in the outdoor mecca of Bend, Oregon, CushCore has created an innovative solution to a problem that riders didn’t know existed:  the need for tire dampening.  CushCore is an engineered foam insert that mounts inside a tubeless mountain bike tire. It divides the inside of the tire in half with air directly underneath the tread, and the CushCore insert next to the rim. They work together as a spring and damper creating the Inner-Tire Suspension System.

German based Fidlock are experts in magnetic fastening systems.
Their fasteners combine magnets with a secure mechanical locking mechanism and are found throughout the bike industry on products from many brands including: Ortlieb, Leatt, Timbuk 2, Nutcase, IXS, and ABUS.

East, fast, and very secure

Upgrade your upgrades. Galfer USA is the leading manufacturer of performance braking systems and accessories for motorcycle & bicycle enthusiasts and racers alike.

New Zealand born Gloworm performance Products was founded in 2021 with the sole aim to develop a series of high quality, high performance LED lighting system that are affordable for the everyday user

With its global presence and impact across many industries, Goodyear is one of the world’s largest tire companies. As an industry leader, Goodyear strives to develop state-of-the-art products and services that set the technology and performance standard. Goodyear is establishing itself as a leading brand within the global bicycle tire segment through collaboration with Rubber Kinetics, specialists in performance cycling tires. Goodyear Bicycle Tires use the latest in tire innovation to enhance each bicycle journey through superior reliability, style and performance.

In 1989 Hope began making disc brakes for the newly developed mountain bikes. Since disc brakes were such a novel idea on a bicycle, they decided to begin manufacturing other more common bicycle products, the first of these being a front hub. Over the subsequent years many more products were added to the range that has developed into the full lineup of high-quality mountain bike products they offer today, still made in the same UK location where it all started.

“Pedal to the medal!”  HT produces high quality pedals ranging from simple flat pedals up to ultra-light titanium clipless models. Their product development is supported by feedback from their many top-level team racers in various disciplines including DH, Enduro, XC, and BMX.

Huck Norris is there to protect you from Bruce Leaks. A strategically shaped strip of specialized high density closed-cell foam that runs inside your tubeless tire and acts as the final dampening from impacts, greatly reducing pinch-flats, tire cuts, and rim damage. The floating strip in your tire also helps support your tire sidewalls which reduces burping and tire-roll even at lower pressures.

Jones bars are focused on versatility and comfort for the longest of rides. The unique shape of their handlebars creates many different hand positions and plenty of areas to mount accessories. These bars are available in different rise heights and widths to help riders choose the right bar for their needs.

“The Science Of Thrill.” Leatt has been known for their iconic neck braces since the mid-2000s. In fact, many people still refer to the mountain bike neck brace as a “Leatt Brace.” Leatt has launched themselves further into the mountain bike world with a full protection and apparel line-up. Sharing the same high level of quality as their neck braces, Leatt’s line of bike products are set to make a big impact in the cycling industry.

Cycling pioneers for over a hundred years, Mavic is responsible for many of the most significant innovations in bike wheels and components, including creating the first ever aluminum bike rim, the first electronic and wireless drivetrain systems, as well as being at the forefront of developing safe, easy to use tubeless systems for mountain and road bikes. And Mavic’s iconic yellow neutral support cars remain at the heart of pro-cycling events around the world.
Today, Mavic remains one of the leading names in wheels, producing world-class wheels for all types of cycling, from time trials to DH, smooth pavement to the roughest trails. Mavic wheels are designed from the ground up to give you the best performance, no matter where you choose to ride.

Maxxis is world-renowned for producing premium bicycle tires and is arguable the #1 tire choice by racers around the world. Innovation in tire technology and tread patterns has kept Maxxis at the forefront of the bike tire industry for 20+ years and continues to put athletes on the podium.

Lanctot Sports is excited to introduce PRO BAR!

PRO BAR produces innovative and delicious plant-based nutrition products for all your daily adventures.

Built for performance, PRO BAR produces innovative, high-quality, plant-based nutrition products to fuel active lifestyles and keep your customers energized.

NRG and Lanctot are proud to announce the addition of PROBAR to our growing catalogue of brands.

Orange Seal develops, tests, uses, and produces of some of the best tubeless tire cycling products on the market. Orange Seal produces ultra-light and very effective tire sealant for use in tubeless tire set-ups, orange tape for sealing rims, and unique tubeless valve solutions for most rim shapes.

In 1982 Ortlieb’s founder, Hartmut Ortlieb, created the world’s first fully waterproof cycling pannier. Ortlieb now produces high-quality waterproof cycling and outdoor products. What’s behind their legendary “Made in Germany” waterproof quality? They work exclusively with high-tech durable materials, advanced bonding methods and proven types of closure systems. This helps to distinguish Ortlieb’s products as outdoor champions and helps them stand out from the competition. 

Power Grips are a unique and reliable way to secure your foot to your pedal. Adaptable to most types of footwear, Power Grip’s Dynamic Tension design delivers substantially increased pedal stroke power to increase your mileage with less fatigue. You’ll go farther, faster. Power Grips are easy to get into—and out of—at a fraction of the cost of clipless systems.

Rock N Roll Lubrication is a rider owned company that has been in business for over 25 years. They make chain lubes, cable lube, grease, spoke prep and cleaners. All Rock N Roll Lubrication products are manufactured in Central Texas in Rock N Roll Lube’s five-acre manufacturing center. Rock N Roll’s chain lubes are unique because they clean & lube in a single product and do not need a degreaser, ever! There are other “one step” chain lubes on the market, but none are as effective as Rock N Roll. They are the King of Lubes!

Ryder Innovation is a brand born out of 26 years of sourcing, distributing and marketing quality cycling accessories. Given our experience in this realm, we noticed that not many manufacturers were designing and manufacturing products that answered to a specific need within our market.

Rider owned; rider driven. Sensus produces mountain bike grips for riders that go hard. Your Favorite Rider's Favorite Grips - Made in the USA.

Coming Soon !!

STFU Bike! Designed and tested in Whistler, BC by World Cup DH legend Chris Kovarik. STFU keeps your bicycles drivetrain quiet and efficient whilst minimizing wear.

Quality tools made in Slovenia. Unior makes bicycle tools for maintenance, repairs and major repairs.

Top quality materials provide long service life while the ergonomic design provides good looks and safe use. Unior prides themselves on producing 99% of their tools in-house and offers lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. They also co-own an ironworks forgery that allows them to control the quality from start to finish.

Velocity Hucking System (VHS) is a small independent component manufacturer based in Queenstown, NZ. VHS designs products that make mountain biking better for everyone.

Squire is an eight-generation family-owned manufacturer at the forefront of lock-making for over 240 years. They are one of the most experienced lock makers in the world and a globally recognized brand in personal security offering the toughest locks in the world! They were the very first to launch a range of cycle locks in the UK in 1963 and now offer the very best in bicycle security.

Belgium-based Classified Cycling introduces POWERSHIFT technology: a wireless 2-speed shifting system, integrated in the rear hub, allowing you to change gears in a split second, under full load and on any terrain. 

Born and raised in the heart of the Sea 2 Sky corridor, Dissent Labs products are used by some of the world’s fastest racers and world champions. We are thrilled to welcome Dissent Labs to our portfolio of brands.

Dissent socks are designed with a singular purpose: better days in the mountains. The signature locked-on fit, best-in-class construction, thoughtful use of materials, and a relentless focus on the details are the foundation for happy feet. Your time outside is finite and it matters. Dissent socks ensure that you make the most of it, every single time.